Quality & Environment

We are working hard to minimize our
water and energy consumption

Our vision is a cleaner world.

Our approach meets the Global Environmental Impact standards and far exceeds the Green Approach.

We minimize waste emissions from our operations and dispose them through safe and responsible methods.

Our vision is to secure a healthy and sustainable environment

We are providing high quality laundry and rental services for hotels or other professional clothing, while also reducing our environmental footprint.


Washing with low impact on the environment through safe and responsible methods.


Water is a priceless commodity! Hence we respect it.


Heat exchangers delegating heat from the waste to cold fresh water.

How do we achieve that?

Our company, respectfully follows all environmental related regulations, while investing in machinery and innovating in processes that minimize water and energy consumption:

  • ECO Heat Recirculation system for steam recycling.
  • Water recycling systems in our Tunnels.
  • Collaboration with Christeyns, developing eco-friendly chemical products, ISO 14001.
  • Using high precision dosing pumps for controlled application of chemicals during washing.
  • Heat exhangers.
  • Solar energy.

Our company holds an ISO 14001 qualification from QS Zurich AG with respect to our excellent operations and respect to the environment.


IDEAL SA is certified by ISO 9001 from TUV CERT, for its excellent organization and operation, as well as by ISO 14001 for its respect for the environment. All chemicals used are environmentally friendly in accordance with international environmental regulations.